• New Release: Time-lapse Hoodie

    Our latest creation: the Time-lapse Hoodie. Photos courtesy of @kandidvision_media Today Evolve introduces the time-lapse hoodie, a physical manife...
  • Creators at Work: Seevana Hawari

    From a very early age, Seevana had set her sights on showing the world what her culture meant to her. Her mother showed her that her Arab heritage had a deeper meaning when it came to the styles, unique patterns and colours it had to offer. It is when Seevana took a branding course at the Ryerson School of Fashion that she channeled her love of her culture and set out to build a fashion brand that would reintroduce middle eastern culture in a more meaningful way.
  • Yeezy-Gap: The collaboration that might just be a trap

    So if you have been reading the news lately, Kanye West announced that he was partnering with GAP. The Yeezy-Gap collaboration,on paper, looks like a healthy, mutually-beneficial relationship: West can tap into a diversified customer base and GAP can take advantage of Yeezy’s notoriety to boost them back to their 90s fame. But why could this be a trap...