New Release: Time-lapse Hoodie

Today Evolve introduces the time-lapse hoodie, a physical manifestation of progression. Constructed with a 60 ringspun cotton - 40% polyester fleece composition, uniquely engineered thickness for optimal lightweight/warmth and our signature custom branding, the Time-lapse Hoodie is the go to for the fall weather.

Finding the right composition

The first order of business was finding the right material for the hoodie. Going through countless compositions and weights, it was determined that a bigger proportion of brushed fleece was required to ensure a warmer construction & Softness. Paired with the usual ringspun cotton, the 60-40 split offers optimal strength, wrinkle- and tear-resistance, and reduced shrinking.

Challenging customers creatively

The Time-lapse Hoodie also needed to feature a design that really pushed the idea of challenging customers creatively. As such, the Time-lapse Hoodie features a design that represents the physical manifestation of a time-lapse: the photographic technique of taking a sequence of frames at set intervals to record changes that take place slowly over time. With this in mind, a progression of frames were created of the different stages the keylock logomark goes through to achieve the final product.

Final Product

Despite being in the early stages of the company, Evolve wanted to set a precedence on what is to come. With the release of the Time-lapse Hoodie, we hope to raise the bar of what to expect for the future. The Time-lapse Hoodie is available today. Click here.

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