Our Story

Evolve is an apparel brand based out of Toronto, Canada. Evolve is committed to bringing top quality products that aim to capture the brand's core principles of helping creatives further their personal development, spark creative curiousity amongst our customers and, bring communities closer together.

Each of our products is carefully crafted to meet the best standards and inspire creativity, paired with clarity in design thinking. We take pride in providing a great experience end-to-end.

Sparking Creative Curiousity

The inspiration behind Evolve began with a simple mission: create a premium lifestyle brand that not only supports creatives but also explores their art of creation through an apparel medium.

In conjunction with our creative partners, we want customers to be curious about the apparel they buy; really understand the artist and their intent. We want our apparel to represent something beyond the material and art.

The Art of Creation is...

33% Passion.
33% Perseverance.
33% Process.
1% is You.

Building Community Together

We are proud to be a Toronto-based company. However, we believe community is the bonds you form with those that share your core values.

Evolve aims to bring communities together through the art we build. We want every one of our followers to feel a part of something bigger; being a part of the fabric to what's next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why another clothing brand?

Evolve is more than just a clothing brand. It represents an effort to helping creatives further their personal development, spark creative curiousity amongst customers and bring communities closer together.

Why build a brand that primarily focuses on collaborating with creative?

We believe that creatives make up the fabric that will build this brand. We want to get involved with other creators in order to diversify our creative passions.

What does The Art of Creation mean?

We strongly believe that the journey is more important than the destination. The Art of Creation is just another way we describe the evolutionary process.

I'm a creative how do I get involved?

We are constantly searching for creators that not only believe in the brand but also our vision. If you believe you are a right fit with the brand, send us an email as social@evolveaoc.com.

Are you planning on selling anything beyond clothing?

Currently, we feel our strongest medium is to work with apparel products. However, beyond our social media, we plan to release content on different digital platforms. Subscribe to our social media to stay up to date. 

Where are your products shipped from and where do you ship them to?

All products are shipped from our office in Toronto, Canada. We now ship worldwide and work with only a select number of courier companies to ensure faster shipping and reduced shipping rates.