The creators we work with are a manifestations of the creative passion we share with them, in other mediums. It is these people that push us forward to do the things that we do.

Sumit Dubey


Influenced by the music he listened to growing up, Sumit Dubey released his first song ‘Mustang’ in November 2016. Since then, he has released 3 other songs with many more under production. Over the years, Sumit has been able to thrill and excite his audience by portraying different emotions through his music. His passion for music has allowed him to extend his talents into teaching to inspire young children to explore their own art of creation.

Seevana Hawari

Cultural Fashion Designer

Seevana’s passion for designing, culture, and eye for industry trends allowed her to realize the industry’s use of Middle Eastern prints, patterns, and symbols, without the direct link to its origin. Thus the idea of KUVRD was born. An Arab heritage streetwear brand that promises trendy, and unique pieces, that bring eastern traditional styles, with a western touch. KUVRD combines heritage with modern essentials redefined for the modern consumer. Seevana continues to draw inspiration from the Middle East and raise awareness of history and culture through fashion.